About Me

Brad Mills has been into the beauty industry for 7 years now beginning his career as a skincare expert and anti-aging skincare. After learning through experience with different clients, he decided to pursue his passion for skincare products. He became a licensed Esthetician in the year 2013. He started to establish his own business for women, primarily focusing on anti-aging products.

He earned his diploma in Aesthetic Institute of Massachusetts. After this, he pursued his education in treating all skin conditions and types using an advanced skincare system in the market. He gained experience in different clinics until he perfected the art. He became an expert and clients are lining for his advice and solutions to their skin problems such as anti-aging skincare and many more.

His passion and knowledge in skincare beauty inspired him to create this blog. He wanted to people be informed about the latest technologies and best ingredients available for skincare. His clients can benefit from this blog. There is vast information in this blog that every woman should read on how to maintain a glowing and youthful skin. If you have questions to ask about skincare, contact Brad in info@antiagingskincaree.com. He will gladly answer your questions in time.

Brad Mills