Bad Make-up purchases

bad make-up purchases (2)

Everyone experiences it sometimes. You buy a product in the store because it makes you excited. Once you have arrived home and tested the product, you are much less enthusiastic. And after a while you just give up completely. You did a bad buy .

bad make-up purchasesI sometimes find myself an impulsive buyer, so it sometimes happens that I am buying something. I have not been busy with makeup for very long and certainly in the beginning I did not always know which brands or products are worth their money. Yet it can happen to anyone. Some products just turn out to be incorrect or may not be the right product for you.

Today I show my makeup bad buys. It is certainly not my intention to insult the products, maybe they are for you.

We start with the large makeup palette from Only you. Only you is a brand that they sell in Ici Paris Xl. I bought it around Christmas, when I just became interested in makeup. I wanted to experiment with makeup and thought: the more colors, the better. Unfortunately, more is not always good. A lot of colors are just useless for me, especially when I was not able to do much with eye shadow. The palette contains more than 100 eye shadow colors, some lipsticks and blushes. I think the lipstick is just sticky and it doesn’t stick. The eye shadow is not super bad, but they are not all well pigmented. I think the glitter colors are good. Still the palette remains unused in my cupboard

My next bad buy is some lipsticks from Kiko. I was curious about the brand and placed a large order during the sale. I bought some lipsticks because it is my favorite type of makeup. When I received them, I was very enthusiastic. I had chosen nice colors and the lipsticks looked very nice. The Kiko packaging is really beautiful and stylish. The quality of these lipsticks, on the other hand, is much less. For example, I think the nude color is very beautiful, but it stays in place for only an hour and fades into spots. Not so beautiful. I really don’t like this one.

I’m a fan of Maybelline’s baby lips! The lip balms are always very caring and I just love them so much. My favorite is the baby lips with mint flavor, which I love in the winter. During a promotion I bought the red baby lips below. And that was a bad buy. It was quite a bargain, but I still expected more. I find the red color disturbing and I hate the smell of this lip balm. I prefer transparent care so that I can wear lipstick over it.

The next bad buy is this eye shadow eye shadow from Catrice. I used to have a similar product before and found it very easy to apply. This eye’matic is rather disappointing. It is very difficult to apply and has a very weak pigment. You hardly notice it when I apply it and it is almost impossible to apply the color nicely. After this post I will throw these away, since I don’t use it anyway.

Recently I was looking for a new mascara. I always find the search terrible. I have never found the perfect mascara and always look for something new. Eventually I took this hippie mascara from L’Oréal Paris home. My experiences with the brand are often positive, but this product is not for me. The mascara has a beautiful black color, but the mascara really clumps too much. Often it seems like I only have six lashes, because they all stick together. A pity, but I will not buy this again