Beauty Tips You Learned When Traveling the World

travel girl

Traveling the world has given me life-changing beauty tips that I have used in the Philippines, Thailand, and Guatemala. When I was asked to write about my experiences with beauty tips, I chose these three places because they are close to home.

The first beauty tip I learned is that makeup is key to a great first impression. When I go out for a nice meal with friends, I usually don’t feel like buying any.

It is important that you make an impression before your first smile. Makeup can really help you. Whether you use your own makeup or choose a product from a travel store, it is important to have it on. No matter how you do it, the makeup will draw attention to your face and help you make a positive first impression.

When I realized that other bloggers were writing about the beauty tips they learned while they were traveling, I started asking other bloggers about their favorites. One of the beauty tips I learned is to always have a white face moisturizer on hand.

The purpose of the face moisturizer is to help you get through the day without feeling like you are wearing lipstick. Even though I love makeup, I have never really applied any that night. White face moisturizer works well for that reason. I have always put it on after going to bed.

The second beauty tip I learned is that when you travel, you should always bring a magazine that looks like you would want to be reading. When you are on vacation, you usually enjoy taking a break from everything. Many travelers want to take a few days to “recharge” and enjoy the time they have off. A magazine that has a few photos of the local scenery helps you do just that.

The third beauty tip I learned while I was there is that you need to clean your makeup brushes after every use. Using dirty brushes can cause them to clump together and thus make the makeup run.

If you have used makeup brushes for a long time, it is time to treat them. When I use brushes, I usually use them in their original containers but you may be better off just throwing them in the trash if you use one of the travel sizes.

The fourth beauty tip I learned is that using a warm cloth is very helpful. To be honest, I never thought I would say this but using a towel under your makeup is great!

You can do this for your eyes, cheeks, and lips and still make sure you don’t look too overdone. You can get away with not applying a heavy foundation by using a warm damp cloth. Some makeup artists swear by using makeup products that come in tubes. They are easier to apply and sometimes you can find interesting blends that will work in many types of skin.

The fifth beauty tip I learned while I was there is that sunglasses are always the way to go. No matter where you are or what you are doing, sunglasses will always work. no matter how bright the sun is.