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Best Eye Cream Skincare

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Who would have thought that the best eye cream for wrinkles? It is so simple to believe what you read on the internet or what you see in advertising. You just can’t believe everything you read and you certainly can’t trust companies that advertise their products based on wild claims without providing any solid scientific research. That is why it is important to find out as much information read more

Resveratrol Benefits

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Discovered more than fifty years ago, Resveratrol is a compound that is produced by plants as a defense mechanism to avert bacterial and fungal infections. Until the early 1990’s, it remained in text books as a product that was still under research. At the dawn of the new century, scientists further explored the benefits of resveratrol and discovered its miraculous properties of weight reduction read more

Bad Make-up Purchases

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Everyone experiences bad make-up purchases sometimes. You buy a product in the store because it makes you excited. Once you have arrived home and tested the product, you are much less enthusiastic. And after a while you just give up completely. You did a bad buy .